Recently, I have been using the 5 minute lesson plan to structure my lessons. When I looked at the Engagement box, I had a long think about how could I use this as students come into my lesson, even before they sit down.

Some how whilst having this thought, I saw a clip from the closing ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic games. When the camera panned out from a group of athletes it showed two athletes holding their smart phones in the air, with a scrolling message saying 'Thank you London'.

I then went onto the app store and downloaded a banner app. This has gone down very well in my lessons. i I have used it in theory lesson to give instructions for students before they sit down, and practical lessons outside with the learning objectives or key teaching points for skills. 

Since iCab Internet Browser updated, it lost the ability to download video. Having a look around on the app store I came across a free version of iBolt Downloader & Manager. This app has been a great replacement for iCab, and has the same save function into your photo gallery, so you can edit it in iMovie or embed it straight into a Keynote presentation. Well worth the £0.69 price tag.

Let me know what you think.

I recently came across two extremely interesting blogs; the first by a Science NQT student (http://iteachfreely.wordpress.com), and the second by Paul McIntosh (http://mcintosh8.wordpress.com) blog about keeping up with the google generation, and the flipped classroom approach. Having previously set a homework for my GCSE PE students to access, I wanted to see if I could use this more often.

Teaching a very small class of A2 PE students it often means when a sixth form school trip is on, there is the possibility of 1 or 2 students attending! Being concerned that they will miss important information, I started looking at different options to teach them using YouTube. The app I came across was Teach by Knowmia, being FREE and with lots of online tutorials, I was quickly able to familiarise myself how to use it. 

Along with the use of iCab Mobile I have been able to save these interactive lessons and upload these on to the departments YouTube channel (iacpe YouTube channel). I hope you can find this as useful as I have.

I have always wanted to find a really simple way of differentiating lessons! Finally, I came across SOLO Taxonomy, thanks to David Fawcett. This concept enables you to easily differentiate your lessons, and also doubles up as a great learning journey, showing students how far they have progressed in your lesson. 

I have also updated the Activities section adding Football Schemes of work, ICT and PE adding iTeacherBook to my highly rated app list (if you have an iPhone/iPad, this is definitely worth downloading!). Also, the learning activity section adding One Minute! This activity is great as a starter, mini-plenary and plenary activity. 

Hopefully you find something useful, anything you have and would like to share please don't hesitate to contact me, by email, Twitter or the contact form on the home page.

I have just updated the webiste and added some new sections.
GCSE - Setting up a website.
ICT and PE - iMovie and how we use it.
SOLO Taxonomy - What it is and the basics of it.

I hope this is useful!

It's that time of year again where we have to start writing reports. However, in a recent staff meeting the senior leadership had a good idea. Why not ask, what good practice is flying around the school, with regards to report writing and put it all together. This worked extremely well and a lot of people came away with some amazing ideas, that different departments were doing. So everyone worked in their departments and then shared the information with the other members of staff, a bit like a 'market place' activity, which you can read about in the teaching and learning section. As a result a report guidance was written and here it is.

This is my new website designed to help PE teachers with a range of ideas from practical to theory lessons.

I believe their is nothing better than sharing good ideas.